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Here at Poseidon Waterproofing we use advanced products and systems to assist in restoring the common faults of failing foundations. We start by assessing the core issues of sinking concrete, cracks, shifts, and bowing walls. Then providing a proper solution on how to address these areas with thorough installations by our certified technicians. We provide foundation repair methods that not only fix the problems but ensure they never happen again. We believe in permanent solutions so that your home is safe and your investments are not wasted on temporary repairs.

If you're experiencing any foundation related problems you can contact us for a free evaluation and consultation with no strings attached. We send employees that are authorized in the state of Pennsylvania for all building code and maintenance regulations for structural repair work. In addition to our expert foundation repair services, we can also provide you with crawl space repair as well as comprehensive basement waterproofing services.

The most common and serious problems that homeowners should look for are:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Bowing walls
  • Settlement problems

These indicate dangerous and hazardous deterioration of your foundation that threatens your home and should be taken care of immediately.

Common Foundation Problems That Need Repair

cracks on the foundation

Due to our location here in the north east, soil conditions and rising & falling water tables have a huge impact on foundations. With colder winters and summers the soil expands and contracts each year causing many homes to shift or settle over time. Without a preventative system in place foundations can wear and tear and require repairs to stabilize the entire structure. This includes bowing of the walls and cracks on either the wall itself or the foundation.

Foundation Settlement

Foundation settlement is essentially shifting or sinking concrete, where either side of the home is degrading into the soil and causing stress on the foundation slab. If one area settles into the ground you will notice splits and cracks in the concrete. Other instances can be caused by lack of water drainage where the clay rich soil will expand and contract, while weak soil without proper 'filling' when the slab was poured will become weaker and ultimately sink the foundation altogether.

Foundation Wall Cracks

This happens after foundation occurs or in some instances if you have a waterproofing problem. In more extreme cases your home will have vertical cracks that are literally separating the foundation apart into two pieces. In minor but still serious cases you will notice horizontal cracks where the shifts of soil and foundation have begun, and other major symptoms will follow if left unchecked.

Bowed Basement Walls

The most dangerous condition is having an excess amount of pressure outside of the basement wall. This comes from soil and water build-up that eventually bows the wall inwards. This is more common with mason built basement walls, however early signs of this symptom can be simple to extreme cracks with standard poured foundations. Our technicians will be able to figure out which problem you have and address it accordingly.

Our Method for Fixing Foundations

While every foundation is unique, we use patented systems that are proven to permanently stabilize structural problems. Our repair method is to establish a thorough inspection and evaluation of the surrounding damaged areas and then begin installation of these products to restore your foundation slab or basement wall.

  • SafeBase Push Piers - We utilize a solid piering system to lift your foundation back into place and relevel the slab. This will fix sinking foundation problems as well as the aftermath of concrete cracks.
  • Liquid Urethane Injection - With any foundation repair we finish off the project by injecting liquid urethane to permanently seal these openings from potential water leaks that will cause additional problems.
  • SafeBase Wall Anchors - We use wall plates and steel rods that are installed outside and inside of the basement wall to pull the bowed concrete back in place. This is a permanent solution that will withstand any amount of pressure.
  • Rhino Carbon Fiber® - Ultra strong carbon fiber strips, tied into the foundation of the home, can control bowing walls from inside the home.

Most common foundation issues:

Problem: Foundation Settlement

Leaky Concrete Walls

Foundation settlement is caused by expanding and contracting soil underneath the concrete slab. If your home was built on clay and sand rich soil, common to Pennsylvania, water will be soaked into the soil during rainy or snow thawing seasons which will expand. During dry and hot seasons the soil will 'harden' and contract. Over time this will cause the soil underneath your home to constantly shift and move the foundation along with it. In some instances soil is too soft which will leave the foundation unstable in certain areas- susceptible to water which further weakens these points.

This process takes years to develop and will eventually lead to foundation failure. Without any safeguard against these shifts the home will deteriorate from the ground up causing more expensive repairs in future.

If you notice any of the signs below on the interior or exterior of your home, you may have a foundation problem:

  • Windows and doors are hard to open or close
  • You can see cracks on the inside and outside of your foundation walls
  • There are cracks in the wall around the corners of window and door frames
  • One or more sides of your home is visibly sinking into the ground

The experts at Poseidon Waterproofing have the knowledge and experience to evaluate the damage and determine the best course of action to safely repair any of these issues.

Solutions: Sinking Foundation Repair

SafeBase Push Piers

Our push piers are designed to lift the foundation back into realignment using the earth's stable crust underground. Our piers are made from strong, solid metal materials engineered to support the weight of your home when being lifted so that all pressure is diverted to the pier instead of relying on unstable soil conditions. This removes any threat of expansion or contraction in the soil, keeping your home permanently safe from natural occurrences in the ground.

Problem: Bowing Basement Walls

Bowing basement walls are a sever case of foundation failure where the wall has become visible bowed inward towards the living area of the basement. This is caused by excess hydrostatic pressure from the outside pushing against the wall. This symptom is related to waterproofing problems where water is not drained and seeps into clay rich soil surrounding your basement. As soil continues to soak up water, pressure increases over time and begins to apply an enormous amount of pressure. Eventually the wall caves and bows threatening the structural integrity of your home.

Bowed walls are more common for mason built walls where the mortar is the weakest point and easily broken with this problem. With traditional poured foundation walls horizontal cracks are an early warning sign. Our team will be able to properly identify and pinpoint which issue is the most prominent as every project is unique with variable conditions. Let the experts at Poseidon Waterproofing evaluate your basement walls and help implement the best repair possible.

Click here to watch an educational video about hydrostatic pressure and how it effects your basement.

Solutions: Bowed Wall Repair

SafeBase Wall Anchors

Our SafeBase wall anchor system SafeBasements patented wall anchor system fixes bowed basement walls. The purpose of the wall anchor is to restore lateral strength to the wall, also allowing you to pull the wall straight using the natural expansion and contraction of the soil. Wall anchors are installed to drive the effected area out past the active, shifting earth at an angle. Wall Anchors are able to supply supplemental lateral force to stabilize your bowed, tilting basement walls at your home.

Rhino Carbon Fiber®

We use Rhino Carbon Fiber® wall supports to repair bowing walls and prevent them from bowing any more. This patented system is the strongest on the market as it ties the foundation base to the house framing. Secured on both the top with a sill plate and at the bottom in the foundation floor with a carbon fiber pin, this system will not break down over time and ensures lasting control of the pressure from the outside. This will work on both block and poured foundation walls, requires no digging into the yard, is quick and clean to install, and can be painted over once cured.

Problem: Basement & Foundation Wall Cracks

Cove Joint Leaks

Wall cracks on your foundation or basement can indicate any number of issues. Cracks are generally an early warning sign for slow developing flaws in either structural or water related problems. Visibly, cracks can be horizontal, vertical, or random in different situations. While horizontal fractures usually show signs of a bowed wall, vertical or normal cracks can be a sign of foundation failure or waterproofing issues. Foundation settlement causes cracks along the wall or slab and poor exterior drainage causes leaky concrete cracks. Figuring out which problem came first and caused an 'after effect' of the next issue is what our certified technicians will provide during our inspection. You can contact our team at any time to get a free evaluation or for more information on our services.

Solutions: Wall Crack Repair

Rhino Carbon Fiber®

We will use a full size sheet of the Rhino Carbon Fiber® to permanently secure your wall and prevent any future cracks from appearing. After cleaning and preparing the surface, a full height sheet of carbon fiber is epoxied to the wall and attached at the sill plate and below the footer.

Liquid Urethane Injection

foundation crack injection

We use a liquid urethane material to prevent future basement wall leaks. First, the surface of the crack will be cleaned off so that dirt and debris don't get into it during the repair process. Next, the urethane material is injected into the opening, permanently sealing the crack. Once dry, you can paint over the repaired crack to match the rest of your basement interior or exterior finish.

Why Choose Poseidon Waterproofing for Foundation Repair

Our team of experts will come to your home, find the cause of your foundation issues, and come up with a plan to resolve the problems. We use SafeBasements products, anchors, piers, and sealing agents. This allows us to implement a solution that can permanently take care of your home's problems.

Don't risk the structural integrity of your home any longer, give us a call today and set up an appointment for a consultation for foundation repair with our team of experts. See a list of cities where we provide foundation repair including the common areas in southeastern Pennsylvania.


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