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If you're experiencing leaks, floods, or seepage problems you can turn to the professionals at Poseidon Waterproofing. We have been a lead provider of basement waterproofing in the Pennsylvania region for years with the dedication and experience with home restoration. Our patented products and systems are the tools for getting your basement properly protected with thorough water mitigation systems and sump pump installation. The methods we use accommodate all aspects of water logging, cracks, puddles, and deterioration of concrete. Our mission is to provide one-time repairs that will be a permanently solution to your waterproofing. If you've been having problems for a long time, you may also be in need of foundation repair services. If you do not have a basement and instead have a crawl space, we can help you with that as well.

Waterproofing Your Basement From Common Problems in Pennsylvania

Like any other symptom, common problems with basements are generally caused by water damages and improper drainage. Waterproofing your basement is one of the most essential investments homeowners in the area can look into. With the necessary precautions set in place you can transform your basement into livable space, and protect against further damages that threaten your home.

Most common and effected areas in your basement that cause issues:

Problem: Leaky Concrete Walls

Leaky Concrete Walls

Over time, the foundation of your home can weaken and become brittle. As this happens, it can begin to crumble in certain areas which will create cracks and openings for water to leak inside. The concrete can weaken and degrade all along your foundation. Any moisture that seeps inside will likely run down the wall creating a visible stain. Water will can collect in pools on the floor near the cove joint (where the wall meets the floor). If you notice any leaks or crumbling sections of concrete in your foundation, contact a professional at Poseidon Waterproofing ASAP so we can evaluate the issue and prevent any additional problems.

Solutions: How We Repair Wall Crack Leaks

Problem: Floor Crack Seepage

Floor Crack Seepage

Floor cracks are caused by hydrostatic pressure from underneath your home. This is primarily a foundation settlement problem as well as a waterproofing problem- where having a proper water mitigation system can help prevent the issue entirely, while the initial damage of any concrete my need to be repaired first depending on the severity of the cracks and settling. Cracks on your basement floor are an early warning sign for shifts in the foundation slab and rising & falling water tables that are not being properly drained. This comes from clay rich or weak soil conditions during rainy or snow-thawing seasons.

Many homeowners will not realize that this is an issue that requires immediate attention. The longer you wait, the higher the chances are that you will experience additional structural problems or water damage.

Solutions: Repairs For Cracked Basement Floors

Problem: Cove Joint Leaks

Cove Joint Leaks

A cove joint is the area where the floor meets the wall within the basement. In over 50% of cases basements are preinstalled with 2 slabs: the floor slab and the wall slab during the concrete pour of construction. If you do not have a waterproofing system set up and live on unstable soil conditions you can suffer from leaks going in and through the small openings. Constant change in the soil puts pressure on the basement walls and floors which pushing water and moisture in through the cove joint- especially during the rainy and snow-thawing seasons. The leaks can start small and if left untreated can become larger as concrete deterioration occurs and more soil/water pressure continues to build up.

Solutions: Methods For Fixing Leaky Cove Joints

Many of our competitors believe that the best solution to leaking cove joints is to seal off the cove joint. However, at Poseidon Waterproofing, we feel this will cause a lot more harm than good. When you seal this area off, the increased hydrostatic pressure created from the changing water table will continue to put extreme amounts of pressure on the joint. The seal will eventually break and you will find water in your basement once again.

Problem: Broken Sump Pump

Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump but are still experiencing basement flooding, you may have a faulty or broken sump pump problem. While sump pumps are designed to drain additional water within your basement sometimes the system can be overworked. This can be caused by a number of issues including lack of a waterproofing system, poorly designed system, or the system that was installed was not built to handle the amount of water being directed towards the sump pump. In this case the pump will get overworked and eventually break.

Other instances include a simple issue: the pump is faulty from manufacturing or poorly designed. These systems are the forefront of water protection aside from basement drains. When this fails the whole water mitigation fails along with it.

If you are experiencing any of the warning signs below, you may have a broken unit that should be replaced immediately:

  • Constantly running but not moving any water
  • Leaks form around pit or basket
  • Unit isn't coming on at all
  • Noticeable water is sitting above the designated level in the pit indicating it needs to be pumped out
  • Basement or crawl space still floods on a regular basis

Solutions: Replace the Entire Sump Pump

Trying to fix a sump pump is just as costly if not more than the actual price of replacing the sump pump altogether. When you need a new sump pump installed there's no better option than our own patented design.

Depending on the severity of water and the conditions that are causing other additional problems, we may recommend one of our waterproofing systems.

Problem: Leaking Pipe Penetration

Leaking Pipe Penetration

Pipes that are penetrating through your concrete wall within the basement is hazardous to the concrete itself. Overtime exposure to water can lead to deterioration and create more problems such as mold, rust, and wall cracks. Pipe penetration are usually plumbing pipes that reside within your basement and flow throughout your home. If the area where the pipe was installed is not properly sealed or the seal has broken, you will find leaks coming from the outside seeping inward. Leaks can also comes from the pipe if it's broken or cracked- however this is usually not the issue.

Solutions: How We Repair Leaky Penetrating Pipes

Problem: Tie Rod Dampness

Tie Rod Dampness

Tie Rods (form ties) are the steel pieces used to hold both sides of the concrete forms together when your foundation is initially poured. After the concrete has cured and the forms are taken off the sides, the ends of the tie rods are broken off which leaves part of the steel rod still inside the cured concrete. These can eventually rust over time and leave a hole which water can pass through.

If the tie rods rust, they will create holes in your concrete walls. These holes will make it much easier for water to seep through the walls and into your basement or crawl space. This is a common basement problem, and a lot of homeowners in the area tend to ignore it because they assume solutions to these issues are very difficult or costly, or they think it's not as big of a problem as it really is.

Solutions: Our Methods For Tie Rod Issues

Problem: Masonry & Stone Foundation Seepage

Masonry Foundation Leaks

If your stone foundation has leaks, then you know it is a problem. Typically, this type of foundation is found in homes that are fairly old. At the time of construction, this method was very reliable and the materials were very strong. However, over the years, the rocks are exposed to weathering and can become brittle and weak, and they may allow water to seep into the basement of your home. As a homeowner in Pennsylvania, if you're heading into your basement and seeing puddles on the ground or the floors are stained from water standing, you might not know what to do and you may panic thinking that the only solution to the problem is to get total foundation replacement. Fortunately the experts at Poseidon Waterproofing know there have been numerous advancements over the years in the foundation repair industry, and our team will be able to provide you with effective and affordable basement waterproofing systems that will be able to put a stop to the water entering your home.

Solutions: Our Methods For Mason Wall Leak Repairs

Any one of our systems will fix the core issue that caused the crack in beginning before it became a problem. Each system we carry ranges from extreme cases of basement leaks to minor seepage problems.

Problem: Basement Window Well

Basement Window Well

If the drains in your window wells are clogged or blocked, they can fill up with water pretty quickly. We even see many homes in the area that do not have drains or even covers installed on their window wells. This can end up causing a lot of problems, especially in homes that have older wells or windows because the seals around them can be weak or even degraded completely. If you have these problems, you may be due for some upgraded window wells that are safer, better sealed, and more energy efficient. This will help reduce energy costs and keep unnecessary water out of your home.

If you are a homeowner, you should be able to recognize the signs and be on the lookout for any problems that may indicate that you have a problem with leaks around your window well. The most obvious sign of a problem will be if you see water dripping down the wall and onto the floor. If there are any water stains that are now dried, that is a good indicator as well. If the wells are filled with water during rains or after, that is another sign that they are not draining properly. If you notice any of these signs, you need to get in touch with Poseidon Waterproofing immediately to stop any additional damage in or around your home.

Solutions: A Waterproof Basement Window With Well

Getting a waterproof window for your basement is the most optimal solution with no way around it. If the seals are broken or the yard grading is poor, having an egress window with a well will be sufficient to help keep your basement thoroughly waterproofed.

Problem: Floor Drain Backup

Floor Drain Backup

Historically, simple floor drains were the only waterproofing system installed in the average Pennsylvania home. If your home is older, you will probably have one of these drains in your basement. They were generally installed in the lowest area of the floor and would be used to drain away water if there was a leak or a broken pipe. The problem with simple drains is that they can be easily clogged and they are usually installed in the soil where tree roots and plants can grow through or into them. If this happens, they will be clogged permanently. These drains are also usually tied into the sewer line so it's common to have nasty odor coming from these drains.

Many times, a homeowner with a flooded basement and a floor drain will call the plumber instead of a waterproofer like Poseidon Waterproofing because they think this is the best solution to the problem. The plumber will likely be able to use a rodding tool and a camera to see where the clog is in the drain, and they can even remove it. But, how long is it before the very same problem happens again and leaves you with inches of water under your home?

Solutions: Assisting the Basement Floor Drain

Once your flood drain is unclogged or your flooding has subsided, we recommend assisting the drainage in your basement with a waterproofing system. Many clogs come from massive amounts of water speeding up the natural clogging of drains that would normally take months to develop from average particles of leaves, hair, and debris. Having a waterproofing drain will help with the water loads of your drain and further more protect your basement from other damages.

Any one of our systems will fix this problem and will be decided depending on the severity of water. Each system we carry ranges from extreme cases of basement leaks to minor seepage problems.

Problem: Humidity & Basement Odor

Humidity & Basement Odor

The moisture in the air in your home is known as humidity. It is important to ensure the humidity in your home is at the correct level. When the basement has too much humidity, it can cause a lot of problems. Because the support structure your home is built on is made from wood, the humidity can cause damage if it is left unchecked. The support beams, floor joists, flooring, and walls are all susceptible to rotting because of high humidity. A dehumidifier installed in the basement can be used to control the amount of excess moisture in the air. Additionally, this rotting wood will cause problems for the structural integrity of the home and may also become a home to unwanted pests, including termites and roaches.

The worst thing that can come from the elevated levels of humidity in your home is mold or mildew growth. Mold will grow on all organic materials in your home. Mold is a black or dark green fungus that grows on organic materials, in fact, it only needs three things to survive, which include: water, excessive humidity, and organic materials to feed off of. Using a dehumidifier to remove the excess moisture in the home will prevent the mold from being able to grow. Homeowners need to realize the importance of preventing and removing this nasty fungus since it can lead to many additional problems for the home's overall well-being, as well as for its inhabitants' health. Let the experts at Poseidon Waterproofing provide you with a proper humidity control system to make sure your home is safe.

Research has shown that mold can cause a number of health problems, including:

  • Skin rashes
  • Allergies
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Asthma attacks
  • Respiratory problems
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Cold/flu-like symptoms

As mold grows in your home, it will release spores into the air. The spores can travel throughout your home and your family can breathe them in. This can cause your family to become very sick and should be prevented whenever possible.

Solution: Control Basement Humidity

A dehumidifier can be installed quickly in the basement, and we have a variety of models available. We will help you to choose the best one for your home based on the basement's size. You won't want a system that is too large or too big for your home's unique needs. The dehumidifier will control the levels of humidity in the air so that you won't need to worry about dangerous mold growth or the other problems it can lead to.

Solution: Treat Basement Mold

If you have existing mold in your home, it is very important to have it treated by a professional to keep it from spreading and prevent it from causing harm to you or your family. We make use of a Borax mold treatment system to neutralize the mold and prevent it from spreading. Combining that with a dehumidifier or encapsulation system will ensure the prevention of future mold growth.

Basement Flooding

Basements with consistent flooding is a very serious problem. This usually indicates that no waterproofing system is set-up or current ones are malfunctioning. Each situation is unique in that basement floods can be caused by any number of issues. More commonly this is due to broken sump pump, major cracks in the wall, and improper yard grading/draining that rain water or thawed snow pours through the window or over the top of the foundation.

Cracks, Openings, & Leaks

Leaks can be identified anywhere within your basement. What we consider to be a 'leak' is a continuous average amount of water coming into your basement. Usually this is from minor wall cracks (including ones in-between mortar joints for mason walls), floor cracks, pipe openings that have been left unsealed or surrounding concrete deterioration, and cove joints depending on the severity.

Basement Seepage

Seepage is what we commonly refer to as slow and steady leaks inside the basement. If you're at the beginning stages of water problems, seepage will alert the homeowner with visual water running down the walls, on the floors, dripping from support beams on the ceiling, etc. In some instances you will find seepage coming from the cove joint where the wall meets the floor- in which case water is rising and slowly creeping into your basement.

Our Waterproofing Techniques and Solutions

As stated earlier, every basement in Pennsylvania is unique with different variables that cause issues- ranging from interior to exterior. It's our job to find the source of the problem and provide a proper solution for your basement. With our free inspections we can further assess the damages and give homeowners a written recommendation of what we find and the best method for restoration. Along side our basement waterproofing systems, we have advanced techniques for fixing wet basements permanently.

The Safe Edge™ System

Our carefully designed system provides a deeper profile allowing it to cover more surface area than other traditional water collection systems on the market. The increased surface area allows for more water to be directed to a sump pump in less time than with a more compact system. It features a built-in multi-flow drain tile, a sump pump with a clear lid for ensuring it is clean, and battery backup systems are also available for installation. It has a rubber seal that diverts water away from the cove joint and into the drain tile, and then out to be evacuated by the sump pump.

Safe Drain™ Waterproofing System

This system features a lower profile and wider design which allows for adequate floor thickness to be poured over it after installation. The wider design allows for better water flow while reducing overall hydrostatic pressure.

Safe Track™ Water Evacuation System

Our water evacuation system is designed to be installed without excavating the soil around your home or basement floor. We will generally install this system in homes with monolithic floors. Because of the easy set up, there is no damage caused to your foundation during the installation of this product.

SafeBasements™ Sump Pump

The sump pumps we use are specially-designed to be energy efficient and to work together with all of our basement waterproofing products, including Safe Edge™, Safe Drain™, and Safe Track™. These pumps drain water away from basement walls, control erosion, improve indoor air quality in your home, and even stop Radon gas from seeping inside. In addition, they also help lower the water table under the floor and around your home eliminating the need for a basement dehumidifiers.

Egress Windows

We can install replacement basement windows which are known as egress windows. In most areas, it is now in the building codes that these special windows need to be installed if the homeowner has any intention of finishing the basement or has any bedroom, living, or sleeping areas in this space. They are designed to be easy to use in case of an emergency. If there is something blocking you from getting out of the basement through the first floor of the home, such as a fire, it will be life-saving to have a way out through a basement.

Liquid Urethane Injection

When performing these basement crack repair services, we will normally use a polyurethane injection process. The first step is to thoroughly clean the surface of the crack and the area around it to ensure no dirt and debris get in during the repair. After the area is prepped, we will inject a polyurethane mixture into the crack until it is completely filled from the dirt to the floor surface. Once the mixture is in the crack, it will need time to set and cure before it can be painted over or finished. By sealing the crack, you prevent any future water from leaking into your basement.

Why Choose Poseidon Waterproofing for Basement Waterproofing

Our team of basement waterproofing experts will come to your home, pinpoint the cause of the leak, and then come up with an action plan for getting the issue taken care of permanently. We use SafeBasements™ products, including specially created drains and sump pumps. When you don't have to worry about basement leaks, you can be confident that the area below your home is safe from damage and mold. This mold can be detrimental to your family's health and we take pride in knowing we're keeping people safe.

We can take care of waterproofing basement walls, floor cracks, and other various problems which could prevent you from having a dry, usable, and functional area below your home. See a list of cities where we provide basement waterproofing including some of the most common areas in southwestern Pennsylvania where our contractors have completed previous projects and where customers have been satisfied with our exceptional work.


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